We ask for a deposit of 1 night’s room tariff per room booked to confirm all bookings. 

Deposits are payable within 7 days of reserving a room - if a deposit is not received to confirm the booking, the room is made available again for other bookings. We're sorry we can't hold rooms open indefinitely.

Deposits are deducted from your bill and the balance is paid at the time of your stay.

Bookings are not confirmed until we are in receipt of a deposit and you have received a confirmation email of your booking from us.

We’re sorry but we are simply too small to meet the costs of using credit/debit card facilities so deposits can be paid in one of the following ways depending on where you are based:

UK visitors payment:

By cheque or BACs transfer
Cheques are payable to C Johnson and send to the address on our Contact us page. The account details needed to make a BACs payment will be forwarded by email.

Overseas visitors payment:

By Paypal
We will send you a Paypal invoice. Please note you do not need a Paypal account to pay your deposit this way. We charge a transaction/admin fee to cover the costs of using Paypal – the fee varies depending on the number of rooms per booking. Please don’t pay your deposit by Paypal until you have received an invoice from our Paypal email account. This is an important part of our booking process that allows us to ensure there is a record at each stage of the process.

By International Bank Transfer
If you opt for this method of payment, we will email you the account details you need to make your payment. Any fees charged to us by your bank will be added to your balance, so please take this in to consideration.

By Transferwise or Xoom
These are websites that offer much lower fees to send money directly internationally to a bank account. You do need to have an account with one of these website in order to send a transfer, however accounts are very easy to set up.

If you want to use this method, we will email you the account details you need to make a transfer to our bank account. If you already have an account at a website similar to Transferwise or Xoom and would like to use that, let us know and we will let you have the details you need.

For more information go to the websites: